Top 5 membership plugins to consider

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are you a small business owner and looking for the best membership plugin for your site? 

if so, you’ve come to the right place! 

With the right setup and plugin, you can make a lot of money. You should use a plugin that will be as flexible as possible. 

A membership plugin for your website can be a great benefit for your business and your customers. A membership plugin allows your customers to have access to different parts of your website and different downloads. A membership plugin can help build your email list. 

Are you looking to add an effective membership plugin to your WordPress website

Do you want to know what membership plugins you should be using? 

There are many membership plugins available in the market and it might get a little tricky when you are trying to decide on which one you should use. 

In this post, I will share the Top 5 membership plugins to consider which have become a powerful way to establish a sense of community with your customers. They provide a direct line for your website visitors to interact with you and allow you to share exclusive content with them.

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What is a membership plugin and why should you use one?

Membership website plugins are an excellent way to monetise your content. These plugins give you the ability to charge your users monthly or annually for access to your content

There are many options out there, but here are some of the most popular wordpress membership plugins available today.

Membership plugins are often used by agencies and freelancers who offer their services on a monthly basis. It’s also popular with website owners who offer an online course, courseware, or other educational content.

Here are some of the benefits of using a membership plugin for wordpress:

– A membership plugin is the cornerstone of any online business that relies on recurring payments. This solution can be used to set up payments for a variety of different services, including monthly subscription-based offerings, product bundles, website maintenance and more.

– You will be able to control what content is visible on your site and where it appears with a few easy clicks.

– You can provide your visitors more content and increase the number of items that are available on your site by installing more plugins.

– You can make it easier for people to subscribe by allowing them to enter their payment information just once in order to save time. They will then be able to visit your site with ease, knowing that their payment information won’t need to be reentered every time they make a purchase.

What to Consider when choosing a Membership Plugin

A membership plugin is a type of plugin that enables your site to offer its visitors a membership. The plugin can be used to create restricted content and/or provide access to exclusive content for paying members.

Membership plugins are used in many different industries for various purposes.

If you’re using WordPress, then there are plugins that let you restrict commenting privileges by IP address or set up user groups with different levels of permissions

Some examples of how membership site plugins for wordpress might be used include:

-A membership site where people pay a monthly or yearly fee for access to exclusive content, such as recipes, articles, or videos on cooking techniques.

-An online course platform that offers paid memberships with added features, such as discounts on all courses and priority customer support services.

-A social network that offers paid subscriptions with added features, such as the ability to post longer messages and view everyone’s profile photos without having to

Top 5 membership plugins list to Consider

The following top 5 membership plugins are the ones that we recommend for your site:

1. Profile grid

ProfileGrid Memberships is a WordPress membership plugin that lets site owners monetise their website, restrict content, and more. 

ProfileGrid Memberships Plugins

This Membership plugin has many features that help users run an effective membership website or blog. 

For example, it can restrict content to members only, allow members to have different levels of access with varying privileges depending on the level they belong to, or even offer discounts for members by allowing them to purchase


USER GROUPS: The User Groups in ProfileGrid allow a lot of flexibility. Different groups can be created to contain all the different processes on your site.

Email template manager: Email template manager to add a personal touch to the notifications that are sent out to your users.

Custom registration form builder: A custom registration form builder ensures even the most challenging customer can complete a form and can help reduce your overall database load.

Social Media feature: Add social features such as private messaging, friend requests, user activity feeds, and more.

ProfileGrid Pricing:

Free – Free (Download through WordPress)

Premium – $79 for 1 site

Premium+ – $159 for Unlimited site


With this wordpress membership plugin, your website becomes a mini social network type of website that can generate revenue while making your content more engaging and interactive. This plugin makes sure you never lose out on potential customers by giving you the solutions needed to make it easy for them to join.


In the free version you can join the group but you need a paid add-on to use more benefits.

2. MemberPress

MemberPress is a best wordpress membership plugin that will help you make your site more profitable. It provides an easy way to create, manage and run your membership site.

MemberPress WordPress Plugin


Works With Any Theme: MemberPress membership plugins are compatible with any WordPress theme, even if you’re using one from StudioPress or WooThemes. You can also use it with custom themes.

Subscription Management: MemberPress lets your members create, edit, upgrade, or cancel their subscriptions directly from your website. Because MemberPress leverages the automated billing systems on the payment gateway’s side, there is no need to set up more complicated subscription management tools.

Integration with Zapier: MemberPress is integrated with Zapier, meaning you can connect your account to thousands of other apps. This connection will allow you to share data between apps, automate processes, and link web apps together.

Dynamic pricing pages: MemberPress is a great subscription plugin for WordPress. It helps you create a pricing page for your membership products, as well as a regular blog post with on-demand pricing. You can easily sort the order of your products, edit the copy and change the look and feel, among other things.

MemberPress Pricing:

Basic – $179 for 1 site

Plus – $299 for 2 site

Pro – $399 for 5 site

The Pro's:

It is the best membership plugin for WordPress that helps you create an effective membership site. You can easily set up the payment process without any coding knowledge.You can also sell digital products with MemberPress.It has a built-in marketing library that helps you promote your membership site through email campaigns, landing pages and more! The support team is very responsive and helpful with all queries related to the plugin.

The Con’s:

MemberPress is not free of charge, it needs to be purchased separately from the WordPress theme or plugin store.

3. Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Memberships Pro has many features that are not available in other membership plugins. It offers a wide range of customisation options and it is easy to use.

Paid Memberships Pro WP Plugin

The plugin allows you to create memberships, set up payment plans, and even sell digital downloads with ease. This plugin also offers an easy-to-use dashboard for managing your memberships, which makes it perfect for both beginners and experts alike!


Unlimited membership: Paid Memberships Pro offers unlimited membership levels.

Built-In Payment Integrations: Paid Memberships Pro payment gateways are fully-integrated with 6 different systems.

Offers discount codes: For discounts that are exclusive to their loyal members, These can be easily found on their website and are valid for a variety of the tools that we offer.

Free extensions and add-ons: You can expand your application with free extensions and add-ons, providing you with more features.

Paid Membership Pro Pricing:

Free – Free

Plus – $297 for 5 site

Unlimited – $597 for unlimited site

The pros:

This free plugin comes with a range of features that includes a number of free plugins and third-party add-ons that make it easy to customise the tool to suit your needs.

The cons:

For the premium add-on it is very pricey.

4. WooCommerce Memberships

WooCommerce Membership is a membership plugin that lets you limit the sale of products and services to registered users on your site. It’s perfect for membership sites, event registration, or any time you want to limit access to certain products or content.

WooCommerce Memberships Plugin

You can also restrict content by time or post type, so that some types of content are only available for members who have signed up for a higher membership level.


Membership Flexibility: A membership is a type of product that is created separately from the WooCommerce products. That means that you have the flexibility to create different kinds of memberships with different prices and benefits.

Easy Member Management: The WooCommerce membership plugins extensions lets you easily configure subscriptions, tools and hidden content for customers, with a handy user-friendly interface that both you and your customers can manage. For site owners, website developers and members to collaborate all in one area.

Member Reward: Customers have paid to access your WooCommerce-powered store but it can sometimes be difficult to let them know that they have certain benefits and advantages to being members.By extending free shipping and special discounts to people that are a part of your membership site, you not only tell them “thanks for choosing our store” but you give them an incentive to stay with you and not go with another company.

WooCommerce Membership Pricing:

Billed Annually – $199 with a 30-day money-back gaurantee.


A one-time fee gives you access to the source code so that you can customise it to your needs, and it supports multiple payment options, plus support documentation is included in the setup packages.


If you’re not willing to deal with the complexity of a membership plugin which isn’t natively coded for WordPress, there is still hope because there is an integration if you are willing to pay for that setup

5. Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro is a lightweight WordPress membership plugin that gives you all the features you need to create a full-featured membership site. Hundreds of features, yet easy to use and install.

Restrict Content Pro Membership Plugin


Easy to Use:  Restrict Content Pro is a WordPress plugin that only a few people know about. It’s so simple to set up and use, even a child could do it! It’s the fastest way to give content to subscribers and customers.

Payment Integrations: Restrict Content Pro integrates directly with many of the most popular merchant processors available, including Stripe, PayPal, 2Checkout, and more.

Customisable coupons: Restrict Content Pro supports various kinds of discount codes and site administrators can easily create any number of discounts from the admin interface. 

Content Restriction: Content Restriction is a powerful plugin that lets you restrict content on your site, based on membership level, access level, or user’s WordPress role.

Restrict Content Pro Pricing:

Personal- $99 For 1 site

Plus- 149 for 5 site

Professional- $249 for unlimited site


Restrict Content Pro can be set up in many different ways. It can drip content out bit by bit, hide the past entirely from your users, limit access to certain pieces of content, and keep parts of your site private before they become public when you’re finally ready to go live.


Restrict Content Pro is a little pricier than some other tools for the Professional license.

Quick Membership Plugin Comparison Table:


Top 5 membership plugins to consider Choosing the best membership plugin for your WordPress website is not an easy task. You need to take into account many different factors, such as pricing, features, security, and customer service.

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