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We will optimise your website to make it search engine friendly, with relevant keywords. Our focus will be to find out your desired objectives with regards to your ranking, the volume of traffic, desired conversion and ROI.

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SEO is fundamental for online business success. In order to get business from your website it is important to be visible to your potential clients in various search engines.

If the website is optimised as it should be, the cost of proactive sales people will decrease and you can gain strong leads without having to spend money on PPC or sales staff.

Just some of the services we can help you with and that we offer. 

  • Analysis of Your Site.
  • Analysis of Your Competitors Site.
  • Keyword Analysis.  
  • On Page Analysis.
  • High Quality Backlink.
  • Quality Blog Posts To Boost Traffic.
  • High quality guest posts published on relevant, credible blogs.
  • Industry-Driven Press Releases to Build Authority and Reputation.
  • SEO consulting services

We will work towards getting you found on popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and more. We will focus on only white hat SEO techniques to get the top results you desire.  We offer reliable but cheap SEO services in the UK. At Online Marketing Help we try to support new businesses by offering affordable SEO services.

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You will not be surprised that 67% of all clicks go to the first five search engine organic results. Therefore it is so important to make sure you are 1 of those 5 if you want to really grow your business.  Paid advertising is expensive and does not always give you the leads that your business so rightly deserves.

So, the important question is how? No one single strategy will work and it won’t happen over night but with consistency and accurate measurement you will start to see and receive the results you deserve. Now an important part of that strategy should be google analytics, you may already be using this in some description.

Google Analytics contains valuable data that you can utilise to monitor your Search Engine Optimisation performance, anything from Keywords to pageviews. Having google analytics setup properly helps with organic SEO. 


As part of our SEO services we will perform a full website SEO audit. An SEO audit is basically an evaluation of your website and online presence and how you appear in Search Engine Page Results.

At Online Marketing Help before we start any work we want to make sure we are clear on where your website is starting off, there is little to no point coming up with an SEO strategy if we don’t know where your website starting point is. 

When we undertake a website audit we systematically check each step on our audit list by going through your website and finding any issues that need repairing or updating such as broken page links or URL errors to make sure that we are working with the best version of your site. Our full SEO audit will give you and our team actionable points to make your website as optimised as possible.

  • See what your competitors are doing well and use that to your advantage
  • Find out what needs changing to make your website more SEO friendly and how to change them
  • What your current SEO efficiency is
  • Find any website weaknesses and fix them
  • Look at areas of improvement to set out a strategy for the future

Our website audit gives us a strong foundation to show you where we can make improvements and gives us an outline on the works that will need to be carried out.


Now comes the fun part of making your website Search Engine Optimised. This is where we pride ourselves on helping our customers reach their full potential. 

Having a great website is important, as is doing work on your optimisation but if you are just doing random tasks your website may not reach its full potential. At Online Marketing Help we set ourselves apart by setting a noticeably clear strategy based on your business goals and business type.  

We will focus on these 9 key steps to build the best strategy for your website and ultimately your business:

  • Create a list of Keywords that are suitable for your business
  • Analyse Googles first page of where you would like to be found
  • Create content that is different or better than that of your competitors
  • Offer a “hook” to engage customers and ultimately get them to click your link
  • Optimise for On-page SEO
  • Optimise for search intent
  • Engage customers with amazing content
  • Add links to each page
  • Work on and improve the content within each web page

This list is not exhaustive but an outline of how we will fill in the SEO strategy, it is crucial that SEO is done step by step, without missing a single check point, building an SEO strategy for your business is single handedly the most crucial piece of work to enable long term growth and organic optimisation.


Once we have the strategy in place it is now time to fulfil and works towards complete optimisation.  

Where it may be impossible to completely optimise your website off page, we can keep working at it, as it is an ever evolving task. That being said we can fully complete local optimisation and also on page with images, content and so on. 

As we work through optimising your website the search engines will start to evaluate your website and its content more and more. 

The more relevant the search engines determine your website the higher your website will be ranked.  We will continually monitor the work that we do and work all aspects in a strategic manner.


Whilst the Search Engine Optimisation will be well underway and the strategy for the works being followed we will also be monitoring your competitors and their keywords. 

Your competitors hard work can be used to your benefit with some SEO know-how. When working on SEO it is important to look at what others are doing and what is making them successful, once you know that you can also find out areas for improvement for them. 

Your competitor’s weakness is your strength.The way we use one or more of your competitors against themselves is by deploying competitive intelligence. The key goal is to get insight into what their strategies are, so we can then adopt, improve and the grow. 

The reason Search Engines exist is to provide the “searcher” with the most relevant information possible. If you work towards this goal you can’t go far wrong. 

Here are some reasons why we need to do a competitive analysis:

  • To grow traffic with limited resources
  • Find keywords with high search volume that haven’t been targeted by your competitors
  • Look for keywords with the highest ROI

This is why this is such an important part of the process and one not to be rushed.


Of course what really matters is being found by your dream clients and generating leads but that doesn’t happen in an instance but progress will be, being made on an almost daily basis even if the search engines haven’t come across it straight away.  

We know how important it is to showcase these results in a clear and concise manner so that you can justify investing in this way of growing your business.  We understand that you have a business to run and don’t want to be dragged down with all the technical jargon and just want facts and figures. 

We have spent a long time working out the best way to display this information and we will of course discuss the reports with you within your monthly consultation meeting. No question is to silly and we want to offer complete transparency with our reporting.  

Reporting can be tough when it comes to showing you exactly what you want to see and at the right time which is why we can drill down on your SEO campaigns and highlight the most relevant information.

SEO Services that we Offer

We are dedicated to meeting our client deadlines and our services will make sure that it works towards the goals you want to achieve. We will also work on growing your brand awareness not just your online presence.

SEO Analysis

At Online Marketing Help we will analyse where your website currently is. We will focus on the following areas; content, code, structure and offsite authority once we have done this we will be able to “score” your website and compare it to your competitors.

Keyword Research & Strategy

At Online Marketing Help we will focus on your websites Keyword Research and strategy by finding and analysing actual search terms that people are entering and then build a strategy to make sure you are found when they need you.

On-Page Optimisation

At Online Marketing Help we will take all the necessary steps to make sure that your website is fully optimised. Any content that is directly on your website will be reviewed and optimised.

Technical SEO

At Online Marketing Help we will make sure that your website complies with all of the required technical aspects that search engines like, such as SSL and mobile optimisation to name a few. Technical SEO services are our bread and butter.

Authority Link Building

At Online Marketing Help we will build and work on a strategy to get other websites to link back to your website. Using approved white hat methods that will help your website gain “authority". Link building is an integral part of our SEO services offering.

Search Engine Submission

At Online Marketing Help we will make requests to the relevant search engines to have you website indexed. This alerts other search engines to your existence. Search Engine Submission is an important part of being able to offer expert SEO services.

Rank Tracking

At Online Marketing Help we will track how your website is ranking on either a monthly, quarterly or annual basis depending on the works you would like carried out. As part of Online Marketing Helps SEO services we track the success of keywords you are ranking for.

Business Branding

At Online Marketing Help we will define your business to your external audiences. Creating a brand identity is crucial to building success.

SEO Audit

At Online Marketing Help we will create and deliver a full SEO audit of your website, focusing on both on-page, off-page and local SEO. This will help create a strategy and overview of where your website is. This can give you an idea of what SEO services you may need to use.

Why is SEO important for your website?

Search Engine Optimisation is important for several reasons but in simple terms it drives the success of your business.  SEO is fundamentally a set of rules for optimising your website the better and closer you follow these rules the more successful your website will be and ultimately the more views you will receive in turn hopefully following through to conversions. SEO is not rocket science but more a labor of love, it takes time, dedication and commitment and nurturing over a long period of time. You will find us under SEO Services near me which is where many of our existing clients have found us. At Online Marketing Help alongside our in house SEO experts have been perfecting the art of SEO and the offering of SEO Services for years. May agencies will sell SEO Services or have SEO Services advertised on their website but it doesn’t always mean they are the best company for the job. Do your research. 

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Search Engine Optimisation PACKAGES

Our passion is growing your business through the power of the internet. Once we’ve implemented our SEO strategy for your business, you will start seeing changes in your traffic, conversions, and revenue.

SEO Shoot

Minimum 3 Month
£ 699 +VAT
  • 1 Day Per Month
  • Time split between tasks and consultation
  • All technical type tasks are included
  • Email-Only communication

SEO Sapling

Minimum 3 Month
£ 1199 +VAT
  • 2 Days Per Month
  • Time split between tasks and consultation
  • All technical type tasks are included
  • Email-Only communication

SEO Tree

Minimum 3 Month
£ 1599 +VAT
  • 3 Days Per Month
  • Time split between tasks and consultation
  • All technical type tasks are included
  • 1 call a month
  • Email communication included also

SEO Woods

Minimum 3 Month
£ 2329 +VAT
  • 4 Days Per Month
  • Time split between tasks and consultation
  • All technical type tasks are included
  • 1 call a month
  • Email communication included also

SEO Forest

Minimum 3 Month
£ 3599 +VAT
  • 6 Days Per Month
  • Time split between tasks and consultation
  • All technical type tasks are included
  • 2 call a month
  • Email communication included also

SEO Jungle

Minimum 3 Month
£ 7299 +VAT
  • 15 Days Per Month
  • Time split between tasks and consultation
  • All technical type tasks are included
  • Ad-hoc calls a month
  • Dedicated account manager

We will be able to advise on the best package for your business during your initial 30 minute consultation. 

As part of your services, we will:

Provide you with a dedicated account manager who will supervise the team who will be working on your project.

Schedule Bi-Weekly or Monthly progress calls to give you updates and review the data to give feedback.

*Rolling Monthly Agreement Available / Package Excludes Any Advertising Spend.

Technical tasks included but not limited to are;

Advanced crawling and extraction, Hreflang recommendations, Page speed analysis, Full & mini technical 

audits, Log File Analysis Implementation Checks, Staging environment checks, Basic crawling, Sitemap 

checks & recommendations Schema investigations, Mobile vs Desktop parity checks & recommendations

Client Testimonials & Reviews

Google is always changing how they handle search engine results. Before I hired Digital Marketing to handle my business’s marketing efforts, I would roll my eyes every time I heard that Google was making yet another change. Now with Online Marketing Helps support I can put my feet up and relax

Karl Weller

United Kingdom

Digital Marketing has been working with me for a couple of years now. We’ve done it all, from PPC marketing to website development and SEO.
I have worked with them for a while now. Helped me understand the difference between good content and great content.

Kiera Taylor-Elton

United Kingdom

Really grateful for the support with our ads on google. I was starting to feel like I was going to get anywhere with getting new client. Everything just seemed really confusing and I was scared to just waste money. Glad I found these guys and they are now managing it for me.

Tania Smyths

United Kingdom

Sent me a range of logos to choose from, all with the colors I requested and with the minimalist style I was going for. There were even a couple of alternative ideas included as a bonus (which ended up being my favorites)! Highly recommend!

Jade Stanton Hauser

United States

Been looking around for assistance with my online marketing, it’s a bit of a minefield as we all know. Found these guys through a friends recommendation. The attention to detail on my project was a breath of fresh air as I was looking for that personal touch. Good listeners and certainly in my case delivering exactly what I wanted, onwards and upwards.

Gary Smart

United Kingdom

I have wanted to do my own SEO as I wanted to learn I cake across this company and was offered a free mini SEO audit after this I asked for more information. I paid for a full SEO website audit and have been tackling my website SEO. It’s given me some great direction and they have even given me some additional tips. Thank you


United Kingdom

Great to work with a company that aren’t so pushy on the sales front. Thanks for your help. Look forward to working with you again on the next project.

Ellis Johnson

United Kingdom

I needed to get my website ranking on google and found SEO a bit confusing. Found these guys via a recommendation and haven’t looked back. Been working with them for 4 months now. Thank you



I used online marketing help to help me with my logo and website and it’s the best decision I have made. Things I was really struggling with they made 10 times easier would highly recommend them.

Tom Kendle

United Kingdom

Online Marketing Help is a great company to work with. I got SEO done by them and it helped my business a lot by their service. Thanks…I would recommend OMH to anyone looking for SEO services.

Reetika Puranik


Online Marketing Help have been doing our google ads campaign and we have seen such a massive ROI compared to what we had previously seen with us doing it ourself. Thank you


United Kingdom

Really great company. They helped with all my website queries and were very efficient. I would highly recommend and will be using them again in the future.


United Kingdom

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Search engine optimisation is the term used to describe the process of getting your website to rank as high as possible on the top search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo to name but a few. SEO is the best and most cost effective way to get good converting traffic to your website which inturn will generate the leads to grow your business. It is an organic way to drive traffic to your search rather than paid advertising.  

SEO work is very measurable but isn’t a quick fix solution, it takes time, patience and a good strategy to start seeing results.  However at Online Marketing Help we focus on a number of keywords that are relevant to your business and optimise them within your website. There are two ways to measure your online website; One is where you rank on search engines and two is by the amount of traffic you are getting to your website through organic traffic. 

SEO doesn’t happen overnight and is an ever changing and growing piece of work. It takes time to generate results from it but if you want to be able to profit without having to use paid advertising then it is the only real option. On average to start seeing results it can take 3-6 months. The reason it can take so long is because if you want to be a good quality website that search engines trust we must follow White Hat tactics, if we opt for Black Hat tactics then google will rank your site badly and may even remove it. 

The kind of things you should expect after 6 months if Online Marketing Help works on an SEO package for you are:

1) Online Ranking Improvement.  2) Organic Traffic Increase.  3) Lead Generation.  4)Brand and Marketing Presence on Search Results. 5)Conversions from Organic Traffic.

Once you sign up we will do a full SEO Audit to see what SEO related problems are affecting your site. Once we have done the discovery phase we will then fix any website issues. After the initial issues are fixed we then focus on doing a more indepth audit to find out bigger and far reaching SEO problems and start with the on-page SEO optimisation.

This can take upto 1 month depending on what needs to be worked on. Once we have completed all of the on page optimisation we will then start to work on the off-page optimisation. Off-page optimisation is about focussing on white hat backlinks that help rank your website better with external websites. 

Backlinks can include but are not limited to things such as bookmarking, Local directory submission, Video Submissions, PDF submissions and blog submission to name but a few. After we start these activities you will start to see the improvement.

Yes, in order for us to start undertaking work on your website we require a contract to protect both us and yourself. We will set a goal and then a period in which that goal needs to be set. Without a contract in place this leaves not only us vulnerable but yourself. It also leaves goals open and doesn’t give you the clear picture you deserve. 

No, SEO can never guarantee results but you can check if there is an improvement. SEO agencies like Online Marketing Help will work towards the goals that are set and you will see marked improvements. To some extent some projects can be assured and certain goals can be guaranteed but SEO is a continual piece of work. 

Yes, our technical team are always growing their knowledge and follow google’s most updated guidelines in order  to make the SEO work as good as possible.

SMO is social Media Optimisation, this is one of the digital marketing channels we use to optimise your online presence – we can help with creatives, videos and content on a daily basis on all the top performing social platforms such as facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest and so on. 

SEO is an ongoing process and what ranks top today may not rank top in a month. SEO is a task that needs to be done regularly, if you stop doing SEO work and your competitors carry on they will likely get ahead of you with the key words you were ranking at the top for. 

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