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Online Marketing Help is a results driven and goal orientated PPC Campaign Management company in the UK offering Global support. Online Marketing Help is a Highly recommended marketing company with over 30+ years experience in its online PPC team. We offer web marketing solutions for online businesses both small and enterprise.  We pride ourselves on being a trusted PPC Agency UK.

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Getting Your Google Ads Working For You?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click which is a form of paid advertising not limited to one channel. PPC has become one of the most popular options to generate revenue especially with new businesses.

  • Great Ad Quality.
  • PPC Strategy Tailored to Your Business.
  • Keyword Search.  
  • Cost Per Acquisition at Lowest Rates.
  • Optimisation of PPC Campaign.
  • Implementations of Ad Extensions. 
  • Call to Action on Strong Ad copy Writing. 
  • Targeted Clicks at a Low Cost with Maximum clicks.
  • Bid Management and ROI Tracking on PPC.
  • Optimisation of Landing Page and Analysis and Advice.
  • Monitoring and Tracking of PPC Services Regularly. 
  • PPC Management Services UK
To really reap the benefits of PPC it is essential you get your campaigns running correctly, you can learn to run your own campaigns but if you want real success and great ROI it can work out better to use a marketing agency such as Online Marketing Help to relieve the task of having to do it yourself but also avoid the risk of losing money. Our technical PPC teams job is to generate you revenue, traffic and higher brand value and awareness.  Your specialist PPC consultant will advise you on the best campaign for your business. 


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Transparent Pricing That Is Perfect For Small Businesses That Want To Grow

Include Hours* 15 25 35 60
Required Ad Spend £500 £1500 £3000 £5000
Contract Length (Months) 3 6 6 6
Set-up Time 14 Days 14 Days 14 Days 14 Days
Keyword Research
Account Manager
Meetings Monthly Monthly Monthly Bi-Weekly
On Boarding 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours
Audience Research
Campaign Set-up
Management and optimisation
Analytics Set-up
Ad Copywriting
Conversion Optimisation
Pricing £649 £749 £1249 £3199

We will be able to advise on the best package for your business during your initial 30 minute consultation. As part of

your services, we will:

Provide you with a dedicated account manager who will supervise the team who will be working on your project.

Schedule Bi-Weekly or Monthly progress calls to give you updates and review the data to give feedback.

*Rolling Monthly Agreement Available / Package Excludes Any Advertising Spend.

Whilst we work really hard to generate the results you would like, we cannot guarantee financial results.

We do guarantee that we will drive relevant traffic to your website.

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Free Consultation

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

We are confident after years of experience that we will be able to deliver on our promise which is to support you in whatever way necessary with your technical support on your website. To show our fait in our capabilities at Online Marketing Help and our team our CEO wants to offer a you a money back guarantee to help make that decision to work with us a little easier.

Start workint with Online Marketing Help today to bring your business to the next level. You deserve it.



No one Likes Costly Mistakes!

If you don’t know what your doing mistakes can occur and in terms of mistakes happening when you are advertising this can be costly. It makes sense to use an expert in areas that you don’t know. 2 common mistakes that people make when creating PPC campaigns.

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Looking For More Information

Google tracks the data and online behavior of billions of users around the world, indexes websites and always aims to process the information in new ways. Google Ad’s system has access to unprecedented information and is always learning, always finding new ways to get you your most relevant results.

Yes, for an additional fee, we can custom build your account optimised for your audience. We use our industry leading knowledge and tech stack to identify the best audiences and keywords for your organisation. Once you have your account setup we will then create the campaigns based on the package you choose.

Yes as standard all of our packages are a minimum of 3 months as this is generally how long it takes to fully optimise a strong paid ads campaign. We offer full management of our clients campaigns. We will give you advice on the best length of contract based on your business objectives and budget. Every 2 to 4 weeks is the optimal length of time to refresh and tweak. Although we will look at your account regularly and learn from the analytics. 

Upon confirming your agreement with us, you will need to provide your Google Ads account ID and answer several questions related to goals, budget and demographics. We will never need your login details to work on your account. We will request connection into our Google Partner account where we will build your campaign.

We do not provide Google Ads for websites that are not compliant with laws, regulation, Google policies, or any campaigns that need approval from Google Ads managers. We do not support affiliate sites or industries where we have limited experience. We reserve the right to refuse unethical campaigns.

We can’t guarantee sales or leads. Sales or leads depend on the quality of your landing page, your products or services, your prices, and more. We can guarantee you that we will send targeted traffic to your site. Your site is responsible for converting these leads into sales or leads.

No, we’re happy to set up, optimise and manage a campaign with as many keywords as you wish. Remember, it’s not always about quantity though, we love to focus on keywords that deliver our customers the best conversion rate and ROI!

Yes, we do and we have a full pack that we can send to you. For these types of request please email


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