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We will support you and your business at whatever stage you are at in your journey to success. We aim to build creative and disruptive websites that will stand the test of time with a forward thinking approach using innovation and best practice.

Online Marketing Help is a global business supporting companies with wordpress development with 30+ years of experience within our technology department with a highly motivated and skilled team passionate about delivering great results.

We will support you or your team in bringing your wordpress site to the standard you and your customers deserve.

In order to stand out in a busy and crowded online world you need to be better and smarter than your competitors, we will focus on your niche and deliver the results.

We offer fully customised themes, plugins and wordpress improvement capabilities.

We will take a seedling of an idea and grow it into what you want or if you have an existing website work on your user experience and all that is key to support growth and improve it.

We are the perfect choice for your business and will be able to assist you 24/7.

WordPress Development Process

Client's Requirement

We understand that each business has different needs and requirements. so first step is to find out what you want and we take the time to listen and also provide feedback on the best way to handle your project.

Expert WordPress Consultation

Once we have spoken with you to understand your requirements the next stage in the process is to get into the detail, provide examples and give ideas.

Choose Flexible Terms & Timelines

We understand that you have timelines and deadlines to meet and as such we also understand that time isn’t always on our hands.

Securely Pay & Get Started

We offer flexible payment options to suit your business needs and to make sure that cash flow doesn't stop you from moving your business forwards.

Custom WordPress Development

Our expert team at Online Marketing Help understands how important building a website from the ground up is, with years of experience and many clients requiring this service. With an ever growing demand on having a competitive edge, getting your online presence and message has never been so important as it is today.

We will be able to work with you to come up with the right solution for your business and work within a timely manner to deliver end to end project development and results that you need for your business.
We have seen considerable growth in customer WordPress development projects in the last few years and as such have some fantastic examples to show you, to help you to decide on the right solution for you.

WordPress Plugins Development

What are WordPress plugins? Great question! WordPress plugins are pieces of software that contain specific functions that can be added on to your WordPress site. In brief, they are an important part of being able to create better functionality and add features to a WordPress website.

Online Marketing Help will create and activate the correct plugins for your custom or theme WordPress website. Online Marketing help can also develop custom plugins with the right functionality and full responsiveness exclusively for your site.

Multi site WordPress

Multisite is a relatively new feature for WordPress and has benefitted mainly larger businesses. Multisite allows online users to have a network of sites in an individual WordPress install.

Online Marketing Help can support this and create and manage several Woocommerce sites. This is a great option if you have a number of businesses with websites that need managing. We can help transfer everything into one place and continue the protection of those sites under a Multisite, rather than you having to log in to different accounts.


With our team of expert WordPress developers here at Online Marketing Help we can come up with PSD, WordPress Integration, plugin integration and amalgamation, API creation and integration for all of your customer website business needs.

With our experienced support team and account management service we can make sure that this is a seamless process and speak with your 3rd party companies should we need any additional information to make the integration process uncomplicated.

Support and Maintenance

At Online Marketing Help we will make sure that your site is secure, upto date, and online. Imagine how much business you could lose or what downtime could do to your brand reputation we will make sure that your site stays operational and accessible 24/7. 

Remove unused plugins and theme.

Webpage loading speed checks and optimisation.

Take Website backup.

Hacker and security checks.

Technical knowledge support and consultation.

Get in Touch

Need help with one of our services? Get in contact with our Customer Support Team.

WordPress Development PACKAGES

Website Seed

12 to 36 Month Contract
£ 99 +VAT
  • For startup business with fewer updates
  • A new SEO ready website, mobile friendly, and comes with 10 Development Hours
  • Ongoing content update and maintenance for wordpress and related systems
  • Domain name included
  • Web and Email Hosting included
  • Free SSL certificate (1 to 5 pages)

Website Sapling

12 to 36 Month Contract
£ 200 +VAT
  • For demanding businesses with frequent updates
  • Website Seed +
  • Additional 10 Development Hours to to customise website as per your business requirements
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Daily backup of all website files
  • Premium security layer

Website Tree

12 to 36 Month Contract
£ 400 +VAT
  • For website with daily updates and online shop
  • Premium Pack +
  • Additional 10 Development Hours to to customise website as per your business requirements
  • Daily updates of stock and content
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Advanced security and performance
  • Priority turn-around

We will be able to advise on the best package for your business during your initial 30 minute consultation.

As part of your services, we will:

Provide you with a dedicated account manager who will supervise the team who will be working on your project.

Schedule Bi-Weekly or Monthly progress calls to give you updates and review the data to give feedback.

*Rolling Monthly Agreement Available / Package Excludes Any Advertising Spend.

Why We Are Different From other companies?

Ethical and Committed

We are company founded on ethics and commitment, we operate ethically and with 100% commitment. Our business is focussed on not only what we deliver but how we deliver it. We know what is right and wrong and make sure that we use this as our guide and we have found that this is what sets us apart as an online marketing company.

Experienced Developers

We are nothing without our team and our developers are proud to work for Online Marketing Help and take pride in what they do. Our culture is everything to us and we pull from the years of experience from our “tech” guys to make sure you get the best on the market. Here at Online Marketing Help we are an extension of your business.

Disruptive & Creative Design

In an ever growing and crowded online marketplace design and creativity is everything. We will listen to what you want and advise you on the best options and ideas on the market. We have worked with lots of different business niches and as such have built up a knowledge and understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

24/7 Support & Monitoring

Businesses don’t work 9-5 and neither do we, we understand that your business may need support first thing in the morning and last thing at night which is why we offer 24/7 support and monitoring as part of our care package. We also make sure that your websites get the same treatment so that you don’t face a dreaded 404 error.

Affordable Pricing & Terms

We have affordable pricing packages to suit different businesses and requirements. We are confident with the services we offer and delivering on budget and on time is our mantra. We can work with different business terms as well, just talk to one of our friendly customer care team and we will give you the best advice.

Customer Service

Customer service is everything. We understand that irrespective of where you are in your business journey that your online presence is important and that you are human after all. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service always. We can’t fulfil our passion without you so we will do everything in our power to deliver what you deserve.

Client Testimonials & Reviews




Great question, the reason you should work with Online Marketing Help over another agency is quite simple. We are the most transparent company in the UK. Bold statement, yes it is! The truth is Online Marketing Help was set-up because we had, had enough of paying over the odds and not receiving the goods. You wouldn’t expect it in real life so why should you expect it online.

We go out of our way to provide the most transparent and honest feedback, if you don’t need our help we will tell you, if you just need to do a few minor tweaks to get those leads coming in we will tell you. Why? Because our relationships are built on trust and many of our customers come through via referral or by reading one of our blogs on various platforms.

We understand what it is like trying to juggle multiple tasks when running a business, after all Online Marketing Help was set up because we wanted an Online Marketing Company that could remove the stress not add to it. One of the key advantages to hiring a marketing agency and more importantly Online Marketing Help as your agency is that you don’t have the overheads of employees with stagnant goals, you have a company that want to see you succeed and will regularly showcase it’s successes so you have tangible and visible wins. Get in touch and we will show you why working with Online Marketing Help will be your best business decision to date!

We need the following things before starting work on your project:

1. Domain Name and Hosting Login Details.  2. The Number of the pages that you want (A complete Sitemap).  3. The content for all the pages.  4. Logo+images. 5. The products that you want to add (for e-commerce website).

Yes, if you need a domain or website hosting we can provide this for you. If you already have a domain name that you want to use we can transfer the relevant DNS codes to the correct server if needs be. We will confirm whether you need either of these in the initial consultation.

Yes we will make sure you are guided through how to manage and make any small amends to your wordpress website, if you face any issues you can get in touch with us and we will help you. We also offer after care packages depending on your requirements.

Yes we can provide licence keys for any theme or plugin if we build this for you. If you have an existing theme providing it is not a crack theme or plugin you should be able to get your license key from your old developer or where you bought it from.  We can help you with this should you need it.

Yes, in order for us to start undertaking work on your website we require a contract to protect both us and yourself. We will set a goal and then a period in which that goal needs to be set. Without a contract in place this leaves not only us vulnerable but yourself. It also leaves goals open and doesn’t give you the clear picture you deserve. 

If we build your WordPress website we will offer a WordPress maintenance aftercare package for you, you don’t have to add this on but we do recommend it if you are from a non-technical background. It works out more cost affective with the monthly rolling support packages than it would do if you pay as you go. We can give you advice on what would be best for your business and website.

Yes, we can transfer any website to WordPress while redesigning your website. Please contact us for further details.

There are certain categories which are omitted like: Gambling, Drugs, Porn, Dance, religious, illegal or any site with explicit content.

We build your new site in a development environment so your existing site is still available until we are ready to launch your new site. We can provide guidance on how to back up your old site before we take the new site live, but we can’t be responsible for the backup itself.

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