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SEO 2023: The Ultimate Definitive Guide Every SEO Expert Should Have

From where I sit, this is the ultimate definitive guide to every aspect of search engine optimization for the Year 2023. So there is one thing that I must let you know first, this is not the average “SEO in Guide” that you will get in 2023.

It is true! From the most vital SEO tips that I will cover, the trends that are developing, and the SEO strategies that are quite dynamic, one thing is clear, a big upset could be coming your way if you don’t prepare.

Keep on the alert for the new strategies which are having many positive impacts today. That’s why if you intend to stay in the game with both feet, you’ll never depart from this simple and smart SEO guide.

Take a look at what I have for you. First, let us break it down for you.

Chapter I: Domain Authority 2.0

Initially, domain authority was embedded to how best you could create links. But that’s not quite the case right now. Today, Google has improved the ways through which they will determine your website domain authority.

New rules have come in including: expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, otherwise known as E-A-T and which are among some of the most demanded after.

It is the E-A-T that qualifies to be the domain authority 2.0. Here is what you should know about 2023 and the E-A-T formula.

First, you must understand that E-A-T has been part of the domain authority formula for years. Unlike before when most people hardly paid any attention to E-A-T, now it is very different. E-A-T has now become an integral if not the most important ranking factor.

With last year’s Google Quality Rater Guidelines focusing much more on it, there is no escaping at all. 

Take an example in the new “How Search Works” from Google, the mother search engine lays more emphasis on the need for reliable sources which to our knowledge refers to – trustworthy sources.

In addition to that, they also insist on E-A-T as a key ranking signal. So how do you boost your website’s E-A-T? Take a look.

I: Become an Expert (Or Get an Expert)

You should either become an expert content creator through learning the trade or hire an expert content creator. That’s what Google wants to see when they are crawling your website for ranking. They want to find a legitimate or expert content creator from the respective field/ category.

In fact, Google even specifies that technical content write ups and medical content should be written by medical or healthcare professionals only.

While you might take it lightly, you could be in for a rude shocker. In line with what Google says in its guidelines, chances are that they might be using a new formula to determine who’s behind a specific content and if they are indeed experts.

So if you are out to rank better in 2023, stick with content creators who really understand their field.

II: Maintain High Level Transparency

Some SEO experts are for the notion that Google will use off-site signals to determine the E-A-T of your website.

Even so, from my research, I have also determined that the Google rater guidelines focus more on evaluating your site rather than the off-site signals.

From their guidelines, Google clearly states like this “We expect a website to have information about their location, foundation, business, and what individual created the website and some form of contact information among other things”

Looking at this rater guideline, there is nothing much that Google requires from you except for transparency. In short, try as much as you can not to hide any form of information that’s deemed necessary by either you or Google.

Have the following:

  • A comprehensive “about page”
  • Easy “contact page”
  • References and external links to valid sources
  • Privacy policy
  • Terms of service
  • Author bylines

II: Maintain High Level Transparency

It is also true that most of the evaluation that Google takes from your websites E-A-T happens off the site – which is very sensible since any Tom, Dick, and Harry can claim expertise on any field of their choice.

However, pulling other websites to agree with what you say is another thing all-together. That’s when the expertise in you comes out.

Indeed, Google goes ahead to put it like this. That if a website states one thing about itself which external reputable sources disagree with, go with the external sources. It’s that simple.

So How Do You Make this a Possibility?

First, ensure that you create credible content that gets you cited on the most relevant and trusted websites. No need for links, just the mention is enough. This will create some vital visibility that Google looks for from an expert.

Next, keep your website to a given topic or category. This will come more from the off-site mentions that makes you a point of reference for other category related authorities.

For instance, if a reputable site ranks you among the best SEO experts, then you will generate a vital backlink for the Google analysis.

Chapter II: Voice Search Optimization

I have been asked a lot lately if voice search optimization is the next big thing that we are looking at – and my answer is often simple, “you got it right.”

When it comes to voice search optimization, you can never go wrong by alluding to the fact that this is the new SEO kid in the bloc and the facts speak for it.

With that said, it is time you stepped up and stepped into the Voice Search Optimization World. You don’t want to be left behind.

While it might be an upcoming trend right now – and its coming up really fast, it will be the in thing in the near future. So you either ship in or ship out. The choice is yours.

How to Optimize for Voice Search:

Rank in the Top 3 for SERPs

First, you must rank among the top 3 in the SERPs. It is clear that Google source voice search answers only from the contents that will rank in the top three section of the SERPs depending on the Keyword in question.

Introduce a Q&A in Content

Most voice searches are question based. It will do you so much good if you can include some Q&A in your content as they automatically take up this type of format. Focus on the commonly asked questions.

Google loves the Q&A format and will pick your content faster for Voice Searches. You will easily notice this when you finally access the page that Google ranked for your voice search results.

Try Ranking on Featured Snippets

Google algorithm has a convenient snippet. It would be sensible to use the snippet for your voice search results. Featured snippets offer better results and have been found to have the most click through rates.

Getting Your Voice Searches on Featured Snippets

To get your voice searches on the featured snippets, here are a simple guideline that you should follow:

First, begin with a keyword search. Look for keywords that have featured snippets and those that you already rank for.

It is important to go with KWs that you’ve ranked for as 90%+ of featured snippets come from the content pages that rank on the first page of SERPs.

It would be even better if you rank on the first page for the KWs that you are going to work with.

Chapter III: Learn the Art of Search Intent

Search Intent has for quite some time been in the lips of many SEO experts – and for the best reasons.

Here is the thing. Any content that won’t match search intent simply won’t work or rank. And now that Google tries as much to give straight answers to the exact search results as seen above, any slight deviation could be really costly.

By the end of 2023, we could see Google forcing content creators to bring contents that match the search intent results.

Learning the Art of Search Intent

Now that you’ve got no option but to learn the skills of search intent, here are some of the things that’ll come in handy.

Identify the Intent of Every Keyword

What does the keyword intend to achieve? It could help you to look something up, make a quick buy, or even compare product A with product B.

As such, by identifying the intent of the KW, you will easily match your search intent results to the intent and in turn rank easily and higher for the same keyword. So start by the target keyword’s Search Intent.

While most target KWs will contain the answer in them, some might not. A good example is such as keyword (teeth whitener). Anyone that’s searching for this key word wouldn’t be giving up an obvious answer.

They could be looking to buy a teeth whitener or simple might need to learn more about teeth whiteners.

Depending on the top ranking pages from Google SERPs, you should be able to determine what most people look for upon searching for such a keyword and in turn tune up your answer for the same.

Search Intent Matching Content

With that said, you will be a lot safer if you focus on creating content that will match the exact search intent of your readers.

Giving your readers the exact answers to what they are searching for will ensure that you save their time, get an interactive platform, enjoy organic traffic, and find crucial backlinks. The end result will be higher ranking on the SERPs.

Re-Optimize Older Posts for Search Intent

It won’t do you any good if you are stuck with old posts that don’t meet the search intent SEO strategy.

While Google appreciates updated contents due to their fresh touch, you will gain more if the content meets exactly what users are looking for.

This is also a good way to boost your On-Page SEO. Remember Google will easily figure out what people want from their searches.

It is, therefore, very important that you tailor your updated content in line with what Google will indicate to you from its SERPs.

Chapter IV: Sticking with the Video

Believe it or not, the use of online videos has gone through the roof. While you might have survived without them before, they have currently come of age and you can only miss out at your own peril.

Cisco agrees with the same and insinuates that the use of online video will hit 80% of all the traffic that we’ll get online by 2023. As if that’s not enough, Hubspot also suggests that more online demand for videos might never be satiated.

In short, if you aren’t using videos by now, you are definitely missing out on a large chunk of page-rank. Here is how you nail the best SEO results through video.

Featured Video Snippets

A good way is to focus on video featured snippets. The reintroduction of featured snippets by Google gives you the best opportunities to get your videos in the right places. Follow these tips for the featured video snippets.

Organize Content into Clear Sections

Clear cut or discrete organization of content in a video will make your video easy to understand. It makes video clips easy to understand and gives you a quick intent behind the video message too.

Optimize for SEO

Another thing that you have to do is to optimize your video for search engines. This can be done by including titles, tags, and descriptions to your video. As such, Google will find it really easy to figure out what your video is all about.

I would suggest using the keyword that you will be ranking for on in the title of the video or applying any of these tricks that we have mentioned. Keeping your video short, precise, and simple will also go a long way.

Use a Transcript

Finally, you might want to use a transcript over your video. You can use the auto-generated transcripts from YouTube, but sometimes it might miss some words. You will be safe if you uploaded your own transcript.

Featured Video Snippets

Again, you can maximize on the use of YouTube. This is the number one online video site. I guess because it is owned by Google.

YouTube still enjoys the highest organic traffic for online videos. As such, I highly recommend that you go with it if you intend to get more traffic for your 2023 SEO strategy.

While the traffic is high, YouTube content creators are still low. This means that you can easily capitalize on the niche.

And according to tubular insights, at least 55% of Google search results will come with a video. This is a great indicator for better ranking.

Embed Video with Text Based Posts

Don’t just create plain text posts. Now that people are craving for more video, you would be better if you gave it to them. So why not start by embedding a video into your text contents?

It is a great way to enjoy better traffic, higher ranking, and top level click-through-rate among many other things. Remember, it’s now or never!

Chapter V: Combating Decreasing CTRs

I just gave you one way to boost your click-through-rate in the above point. However, that’s not enough. The click through rates are still very low and has been down since 2015 according to one study.

I guess that’s why we see Google introducing snippets, Q&A sections, answer boxes and many other things. So how do you boost the click through rate of your website content?

Embed Video with Text Based Posts

Keyword rich urls have been found to bring in more clicks than plan urls with no keywords at all. This is attributed to the fact that keyword rich urls will match a person’s search,

Draw By Enough Emotion

Draw to the emotions but just enough. Do not overdo it. Titles that contain some sense of emotion have proven to draw people more and to get better click-through-rates. So stick to the most compelling titles that you can get.

Meta Descriptions for Each Page

You should also write meta description for every content that you create. Work with meta tags that are 100% original and focus on the emotions to compel readers to click through.

NOTE: While they might seem petty, these tricks will go along way in giving the best ranking for SERPs. Ignore them at your own peril in 2023.

Chapter VI: Focus on Visual Search

Videos? Yes. And now it is visual search. There is no lie that recent years have witnessed a great rise on visual searches.

While it is not yet much of a SEO changer, we can say it is only a matter of time before it gets there. By the end of 2023, visual search will take off and the trend will be irreversible. That’s what the trends suggest.

Meta Descriptions for Each Page

When it comes to visual searches, one thing is very clear, website visitors are now conducting many more visual searches than before. So the trend is definitely on the rise.

According to the latest results, Google lens has now been used over a billion times. That’s huge, really huge for just an upcoming trend.

Gauging by the Pinterest stats alone, they are said to get over half a million searches on a monthly basis. That’s another good indicator that you just can’t wipe out.

While at the same time, another source shows that close to 40% of Americans now prefer the use of visual searches.

If this is the case, then it can only mean one thing. We are looking at a potential SEO tool that will have a huge impact on both ranking and signal relevancy.

So the earlier you join the bandwagon the better it is for you and your company. Compared to most of these visual SEO strategies, this one is simply awesome.

It is a huge plus to SEO industry that visual platforms such as Google Lens is now capable of identifying over a billion objects and the number is climbing steadily every single day.

What Makes it Rock?

You might have not realized by now, but if you look keenly you will realize that most people today would love to search with images.

If they see something that they like, they would love to just swipe their phone, focus on the object, and bang! The search reveals where they can get it.

That’s exactly how visual searches work. Visual searches save time and you don’t have to try to find the perfect keywords combination for your search.

It boosts the chances of getting an accurate search in less time and also ensures that the experience is totally smooth. Here are the many different ways that visual search images will easily help your out.

  • When Shopping
  • For Directions
  • To Identify landmarks
  • For Local business reviews
  • Get Quick Translations
  • Find Recipes
  • Have Nutrition information

NOTE: This is probably over 50% of what the young uses will probably be looking for at any given time.

Optimizing for Visual Search

Now let me take you through how you can optimize for the best visual search results at any given time.

First you must pay close attention to the search optimization of the images. This means that you’ll have to write alt texts on every image and also use descriptive file names.

In addition to that, watch out for the authority in your page. Make sure that you use credible and proven experts like we mentioned above. This is very important as it improves the E-A-T of the website.

Fresher content is also prioritized by Google. Like you have seen before, if you’ve got fresh content, people are likely to visit your website.

Another thing that you will have to do is to centrally place the image higher up on the page. This is a great way to gain the captivating edge and eventually nail the best results out of your visual searches.

Anyone can go with visual searches on their website. However, the difference is found in focusing more on the laid down rules by Google.

Chapter VII: Optimizing for Featured Snippets

Have you identified any future snippets, do you understand the keywords that they rank for? Now it is time to optimize your content for these featured snippets.

This is the new norm for SEO experts that want to rank high since featured snippets are now getting the highest number of clicks around the internet.

While this is the real deal, few SEO experts might have a clue of how to get their content optimized for the featured snippets.

Don’t worry, I have the best solution for you.

Step I: Find the Appropriate Keyword

Just as most things in the SEO world will work, the first step is to find the right Keyword to rank for.

You can focus on the keywords that you intend to rank for or the ones that are already featured in a snippet.

Why Should You Focus on the KWs That You Rank for?

Like I mentioned before, the keywords that you will find on featured snippets are often from the pages that ranked highest usually the top three pages on SERPs.

What this means is that if you focus on the keywords that you already rank for, chances that your snippets will also rank best is very high.

Step II: Work with Snippet Bait

First you should include a “snippet bait” in your pages. This is usually a 40-60 word block that is specifically designed to feature and rank in the snippet spot that will be featured.

Hub-spot kills it by featuring little boxes that look like featured snippets. This gives them an edge and a great co-relation that Google can spot faster.

Step III: Format Your Search for Featured Snippets

Apart from that, you should also format your search for paragraph snippets (other types of featured snippets).

You can also include a H2 and H3 breakdown for every item that you’ll include in the list. In addition to that, create a table that Google can easily relate to such a list of contents.

Chapter VII: Optimizing for Featured Snippets

While they might seem old, the success of SEO in 2023 still lies on backlinks. Without proper link building you’d be dead and out in no time.

Backlinks determines your SERPs ranking, which if you don’t have then every other SEO tips that we’ve look at here will be nothing really.

Google has recently stressed on the same and as such, every SEO expert that expects to see success in 2023 shouldn’t write of link building.

So to make one thing clear, focus on organic, natural link building first before you can optimize your site for the new SEO trends that I just mentioned.

Remember, without proper link building, there won’t be no first page rank for SERPs. Without the first page rank, the rest of the SEO tricks won’t bear any fruits.

Bonus Tips for 2023 SEO

Now that you have the deifintive SEO guide, it is time to take a glimpse on the SEO tips that will give you the boost that you crave for in 2023. Take a look at what I have for you.

Use Podcast to Build Backlinks

The reason why you need to be guru in your industry is because it guarantee so much credibility. As such, you can easily make podcasts which are credible, trustworthy, and have a human face to them.

With podcasts, building backlinks will be no brainer at all. People will trust you more and the interaction will be real. Sooner or later they will look for you for help.

Don’t make your podcast boring. Simply come around, share what you know, and walk out. You should however read through the comments and address the concerns that your viewers have as much as you can.

Once you have a following, you can always schedule a podcast to give you better viewership and to guarantee the best traffic. Take a look at how fast podcasting is growing.

Publishing Research Content

Get the credibility you need by providing data for the bloggers and writers. You can carry out online surveys, industry study, and any other relevant research.

Before you know it, you will be getting credible backlinks that will easily boost your SEO strategies.

The only thing that you must be prepared for is to do more work while researching to get data during the case study.

Analyzing the data and also preparing then will also take some toll on you after the data is collected.

Got Zombie Pages, Prune Them

This is trick that works like a charm. It might not be obvious to you that you have zombie pages. However, by using Google analytic tools, you will have the chance to find out.

In case you have identified the zombie pages in your website, do the right thing – prune them. If you don’t, your SEO will be going the drain in no time.

Call for Comments

From my research, on thing is clear, Google ranks high websites with lots but credible comments for their post. Such a page is rated highly and will put you on the top of the SERPs.

So try and encourage your viewers to make comments or share their feeling and thoughts. It will help you so much with your page rankings.

Go for Visual Content

Need I say more really? You have seen it all. The best thing to do is to focus on this “fast growing soon to be the SEO king”. Thankfully, you will form part of the 87% marketers who currently work with visual content.

The one part that I would suggest you focus on more is the creation of concept visuals. They work as good as the infographics and will leave you with awesome organic traffic any day.


Now you have seen how I am getting my SEO strategies in line for the 2023 ultimate show down. So what’s your trick? Feel free to share with us what you have so that we can all enjoy the best time with our SEO guide in 2023.

Tell us if you are going to create research, publish more, start on visual concepts, or if backlinking is your main thing.

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