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TrendyThreads is an online clothing business offering a diverse range of stylish apparel to fashion-conscious consumers. Faced with the challenge of standing out in a saturated online fashion market, TrendyThreads decided to invest in search engine optimisation (SEO) services. This case study illustrates how TrendyThreads utilised SEO strategies to amplify its online visibility, attract organic traffic, and significantly enhance its presence in the digital realm.


The primary objective of this SEO campaign was to increase TrendyThreads’ online visibility, attract more organic traffic to their website, and drive higher sales.


  1. Online competition: The fashion e-commerce industry is highly competitive, with numerous online clothing stores vying for attention and customers.
  2. Visibility in search results: TrendyThreads aimed to improve its search engine rankings and appear prominently in search results for relevant fashion keywords.

Strategy and Implementation

After launching the website it was important for the client to see a return on investment. Below you will see some the growth achieved after the updates. 

  1. Keyword Research and Optimisation:

   – Conducted comprehensive keyword research to identify high-traffic and relevant keywords related to fashion, clothing types, and current fashion trends.

   – Optimised website content, meta tags, and descriptions using the identified keywords to improve search engine rankings.

  1. On-Page and Technical Optimisation:

   – Conducted a thorough technical audit, identifying and fixing on-page SEO issues to ensure the website was search engine friendly.

   – Improved website speed, mobile responsiveness, and user experience to reduce bounce rates and enhance overall site performance.

  1. Content Creation and Marketing:

   – Developed engaging blog posts and articles on fashion trends, style tips, and wardrobe essentials, establishing TrendyThreads as a fashion authority.

   – Shared this content on social media platforms and optimised it for search engines to attract organic traffic.

  1. Link Building and Authority Building:

   – Conducted outreach campaigns to acquire high-quality backlinks from fashion influencers, reputable fashion blogs, and authoritative websites in the fashion industry.

   – Collaborated with fashion influencers for sponsored posts, enhancing brand exposure and authority.


After launching the website it was important for the client to see a return on investment. Below you will see some the growth achieved after the updates. 



Within six months of implementing the SEO strategies, TrendyThreads experienced a significant increase in online visibility and organic traffic to their website.


Organic search traffic surged by 73%, resulting in a remarkable increase in online sales and revenue.


The conversion rate for website visitors to completed purchases rose by 35%.


TrendyThreads' website achieved a 52% increase in the average ranking position for targeted fashion keywords.

The strategic application of SEO significantly improved TrendyThreads’ online visibility, attracting a higher volume of organic traffic and driving increased online sales. By leveraging effective SEO strategies, TrendyThreads has strengthened its position in the competitive online fashion market, achieving sustainable growth and establishing itself as a go-to destination for fashion-forward consumers.

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Thoughts From TrendyThreads

Implementing SEO strategies for an online fashion retailer can significantly enhance website visibility, drive targeted traffic, improve brand credibility, and ultimately lead to higher sales and customer engagement

The remarkable 73% increase in organic search traffic proved to be a game-changer, leading to a significant spike in our online sales and revenue. What's more, seeing our website consistently featured on the first page of search results for targeted fashion keywords was incredibly satisfying.
Clive Houseton Owner TrendyThreads

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