17 Smart Ways to Improve Your 2023 SEO Rankings

boost SEO rankings in 2021
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It’s 2023 and the best thing any website owner can learn is how to stay in the competitive edge.

In this post, I am going to show you 17 cool technique to improve your SEO rankings in 2023.

These are techniques that I have used and found them to be super helpful. Indeed, these techniques helped me to grow my website’s organic traffic by 58.92% within the previous year.

So if you are the guy who needs the smartest ways to quickly boost their website SEO rankings in 2023 and thereafter, this is the guide for you.

Let’s take a look.

Boost Your Website’s Loading Speed

This technique is as old as they come. But it’s still as relevant in 2023. Actually, slow internet tops the list of the most annoying tech problems. So you don’t want to be caught in the same maze.

As such, how quickly or slowly your site will load directly affects your rankings. This has also been stressed on by Google Webmaster. In short, there is no escape when it comes to gunning the best loading speeds.

A new study has also shown that the pages that tend to rank on the first page often load faster compared to the ones that load at the bottom of the pack.

As such, it is very clear that if you want to rank better on Google SERPs, your website should lead pretty quickly.

Use the Google analytic tool to find out how fast you’re your website’s page will actually load at any given click.

And if you intend to dig even deeper and sort out the mess, then you can also test your page on the WebPageTest.org.

This way, you can easily boost the speed page/ loading time of your website page easily and in turn have a great about turn on rankings.

Here are some other tips that you can follow to boost the speed or loading time of your website’s page.

  • Compressing Website Images
  • Choose a better website host
  • Reduce the file size of your webpage
  • Delete any unnecessary third party scripts

With that said, let us get to the next SEO strategy that will be of help in 2023 and far beyond.

Get Your Website on Featured Snippets

Over the past few years, featured snippets have become quite an influential option for those who intend to rank.

They are the new trend and seems like many experts are finally waking up to this new realization for SEO ranks.

To use featured snippets, you can use the “Snippet Bait.”

This is a new strategy that many experts are using to rank.

Here is how the strategy works:

Step I: Find a keyword that you are already ranking for.

This is important in this way. 99.58% of the most featured snippets will come from the first page SERPs.

As such, anyone that appears on the second page have almost zero chance of being featured on any snippet.

So go with a keyword that you have ranked so that you can easily find a featured snippet on the same.

Step II: Now look for the featured snippet in top of SERPs

To do this, you need to start by identifying the type of snippet that you are looking at. This is key.

  • Is it a definition snippet (answers the question of “what”)
  • Is it a listing snippet (lists a number of tools or techniques “top 7 marketing tools”)
  • Is it a table snippet (gives features, or prices)

Now you can add a snippet of content to the website page. Make sure the content is designed to fit perfectly on the intended snippet box.

That’s how the snippet bait works.

Target High Commercial Intent Keywords

Most people, when they start up, they often focus selectively 100% on the keyword search volume.

That it okay, but it is not conclusive. When it comes to keyword research, there are so many things that you should focus on.

One of them is the commercial content. To determine this, ask yourself how much the Google Ads advertisers are spending on the clicks.

You will realize that a keyword may not get many searches. However, when you look at its CPC, you may notice well over $25.00, this is a clear indication that the traffic that this keyword gets is actually made up of legit buyers.

Focusing on the high commercial intent keywords is, therefore, very important. It will also leave you with superior results.

Improve Overall Dwell Time: Use this Simple Step

What makes Dwell Time a vital Google Ranking factor?

Here is the thing, if a website visitor quickly bounces off your page and goes back to click a competitors page, it could only mean one thing.

You aren’t offering them what they need – but the competitor is.

In short, Google will take one clear message home. Visitors hate that page. In turn, the page will suffer when it comes to Google ranking on subsequent searches.

Once they down-rank your page, it might take more time that you’d anticipate to put it back on to the map.

So what can you do?

Instead, you should lower your bounce rates.

There are tons of techniques that you can use to minimize your bounce rates as much as you can.

They include the following:

  • Use Videos
  • Embedding videos in your page makes the page more interactive.
  • It helps the visitors to follow your content better and to remain glued for a longer time.
  • As such, embedding videos in your page will add up for better bounce rates.


Apart from that, here are other tips that you can also use to minimize bounce rates and improve your overall ranking of the SERPs.

  • Boost page load time
  • Use images
  • Focus on easy to use interface

Create the Linkable Assets

No one will link to your content.

Every website that’s looking to link will link for great sources.

There are many tips that you can use to achieve high quality sources.

Go with actionable tips


Have a customized design


Publish studies and research findings


Here is the thing. When you have enough sources that people can cite and create greater awareness, you provide them with better resource.

Blogger and other writers will hence find a good pool, reservoir, or sources that they can easily reference.

That way, you would have created an asset rather than just another content for everyone to read through.

In short, back your content with facts. Cite the facts by using hyperlinks among other things that’ll help.

Grab Better SERP Real Estate

If you find a keyword that’s converting very well for you, go for bonus traffic with the same.

A good way to do that is to double up and create an additional YouTube video content.

Use the same keyword on the video.

You need to optimize your video content in the right way so that you get at the top of the bar.

Take a look at how you can optimize your video for a better real estate at the top of the SERPs.

Get Used to Sitelinks

Apart from optimizing your title and also description for better click rates, the other technique that you can use to get better clicks on your result is the use of sitelinks.

What are sitelinks?

Sitelinks appear underneath your results when you search for your brand.

They are “links” that breakdown other pages on your personal website.

They will either show:

  • LogIn
  • Blog
  • About
  • Sign Up
  • Or other content that you have.

A good example is when you search for “Skype”

The best way to make good use of sitelinks is to have them in all sorts of pages.

What are sitelinks?

There are a few techniques that you can use to get better sitelinks to your brand’s website such as these:

  • Table of contents – such as what we have used above

What benefits do sitelinks offer?

Apart from what we have seen, here are some other benefits that you can rake in if you turn to sitelinks.

  • Sitelinks will make your results to stand out among the rest.
  • They will also guarantee the best click-through-rates.
  • They make and maintain the website / content easy to scout.
  • Sitelinks also provides a better content intent

Rank for the “Topic + Statistics” Keywords

I have said this over and over again – for my 2023 SEO strategies that work. If you want to rank go for the topic + statistics keywords.

This is a great secret that most expert websites will use to enjoy lots of backlinks. It is the same trick that you use if you intend to create an asset rather than a plain content.

How can you do that?

  • First you can identify an actionable topic and carry out a research or study.
  • Follow the topics that most bloggers like to write about.
  • Keep in mind that you want to dig out the facts as they are.
  • Create a study (online poll, questionnaire, research)
  • Publish your findings in a content
  • Use the keyword and complement it with your statistics.

You have a great asset that bloggers can easily link to and in turn help you to build an authority around your work.

The next thing you will be at the top of the SERPs.

Take a look at this example that we saw from Ahrefs. This is important in this way. 99.58% of the most featured snippets will come from the first page SERPs.

For better results, you should wrap it up by optimizing you’re title tag, meta description and the page around this keyword.

Remember the keyword that you began with should be one that’s already ranking on the first page of the SERPs.

Why Does this Trick Work so Well?

The trick with using “Topic + Statistics” Keywords is simple.

  • First you are focusing on a keyword that is already ranking on first page.
  • Second you are creating a resource by including stats which writers can tap into.

So once you provide a resource, you are definitely getting ranked for the same.

Simple and smart. No hassle at all.

Repurpose Existing Content to Different Formats

Many bloggers or content creators do this one mistake. Whenever they sit down to write a post or create a new content, they always start from scratch.

In short, they take more than enough days to complete a single post. When I do that, I take close to two weeks to complete a single post.

So what can you do?

Simple, you already have so many existing content.

The content that you ranked for.

The content that people loved.

The content that met the user’s search intent.

Repurpose this content into different formats.

If you have a blog post on how to get more YouTube subscribers, create a Video on the same topic.

If you are writing about SEO strategies, focus your next post in SEO Strategies for first page ranking.

The trick is to develop your existing content into something either much more specific or better than before.

Turning a video that you ranked for into a post and vice versa may be hard. But it won’t be as hard as starting a new content from scratch.

The trick?

You already have an idea that you are improving on.

Go with Content Partnerships

I LOVE content partnerships.

The reason is simple really.

Content partnerships will give your content promo a double power.

It gives you double reach and better results.

Since when you partner with another person, both of you will drive more traffic to your content.


This won’t be the same if you are a single person. In this case your reach is limited to your audience.


At the end of it, two heads will drive in more clicks, views, and social media shares. This will in turn provide you with better reach than one person could possibly have.

If you are looking for tons of traffic to go by, this trick is the simplest that you can opt for any day.

Optimize All Content for the User Intent

I have mentioned so much about matching your content to the search intent before.

The user intent focuses on the main objective that a visitor has in mind when carry out a Google Search.

If this intent is not matched by your content then don’t waste your time, Google won’t rank it.

However, if the page is the answer to what Google users are searching for then, no doubt, you will rank upwards.

It is that simple.

When creating content for user intent, you must make sure of the following.

Your content answers the question that your user is asking (what’s SEO?)


The title of your content matches the content and gives them what they want.


The content is optimized for the keyword.


Notably, combining these aspects will give you a more targeted type of content that your users can easily relate to and get answered.

Eventually, you will create more dwell time, relevancy, happiness, and trust. That’s what makes it this tip the real deal.

Target the Newest Keywords

Looking for the low competition keywords?

That’s cool.

So how do you find them?


Target the brand new keywords.


Most keywords are often competitive because of simple thing, many sites are trying to rank for them.

In short, the newest keywords still have lower competition.

As such, you can easily rocket you way to the top of the SERPs.

When keywords are relatively new, it won’t take you a lot of work to rank.

You have no or few competition to beat and will often come on the first page ranking.

Check Industry Glossaries for New Keyword Ideas

Do you need a simpler way to get new keywords for your content?

Check out industry glossaries.


This is an example of how you get your keywords from the glossaries.

Once you identify the keywords, you can copy and paste the keywords in spreadsheets.

You can also use them as your main keywords and search them on a keyword research tool.

In whichever way you look at it, this tool provides one of the best ways to bag keywords.

A simpler way to work with glossaries is to copy and paste its url in the Google Keyword Planner Tool.

Use the Broken Link Building Strategy

I already gave you a guide to the Broken Link Building. If you haven’t looked at how the process works, you can take a look.

As such, for this post, I’ll only be direct and spontaneous.

I will only show how I have used Broken Link Building technique to achieve the best backlinks.

So what did I do?

  • First, I chose a content that provide to be a great resource for other creators (from my own). “SEO 2023 The Ultimate Definitive Guide Every SEO Expert Should Have”


  • Next I found a website that created content on Local SEO.


  • I took their home page and popped it into Ahrefs


  • Next I clicked onto the “Outgoing Links” to “Broken Links”


  • I was showed the broken links from all the external links that the site has.


Now that I had broken links that were ideal for my content, I reached out to the site’s owner. I told them about their broken links and in turn offered mine as a replacement.

Now that I gave them a realistic view with the best value addition, they happily linked me.

That’s it! No sweat.

Use Backlinks from the Expert Content Curators

Content curators will curate the best stuff around their niche.

They are better placed to consider your content than most people will.

Content curators will give you backlinks so long as you offer quality content.

It is simpler and less demanding that having to go with your niche.

Use “Link Intersect” to Find Backlink Opportunities

You never know where a site links or why it links where it does.

It could be a mutual relationship between the site owners or the creation of valuable content.

That’s for sure.

So how do you get to link here too?

That’s where you’ll be thankful you’ve got “Link Intersect.”

  • Get down to the Ahrefs then open up their “Link Intersect” tool.
  • Enter the top three domains that you have.
  • You will see every site that links to the top three domains that you chose.
  • Now scout and see if they are producing valuable content or not.
  • If not, there is your chance, offer the site owners some valuable content and ask them if they can link you.

Link Intersect is easy to use. It is reliable and also a clever way to make every moment count. Just pick the top rated websites in your domain.

Meta Descriptions for Each Page

When it comes to visual searches, one thing is very clear, website visitors are now conducting many more visual searches than before. So the trend is definitely on the rise.

According to the latest results, Google lens has now been used over a billion times. That’s huge, really huge for just an upcoming trend.

Gauging by the Pinterest stats alone, they are said to get over half a million searches on a monthly basis. That’s another good indicator that you just can’t wipe out.

While at the same time, another source shows that close to 40% of Americans now prefer the use of visual searches.

If this is the case, then it can only mean one thing. We are looking at a potential SEO tool that will have a huge impact on both ranking and signal relevancy.

So the earlier you join the bandwagon the better it is for you and your company. Compared to most of these visual SEO guidance and strategies, this one is simply awesome.

It is a huge plus to SEO industry that visual platforms such as Google Lens is now capable of identifying over a billion objects and the number is climbing steadily every single day.

Start Using Concept Visuals

This is the simplest way to bag links of high-quality.

You don’t have to sweat.

How is that?

Well, you don’t have to send a single email.

How does it work?

  • Create a valuable visual. Let the visual explain a concept clearly.
  • You can use tables, graphs, or charts among others.
  • Now feature the visual in the content that you created.
  • Use keywords when giving the visual a title tag.
  • Once a person who sees it uses it in their site, you get an automatic backlink.

TIP: Focus more on new topics with less competition. This will give your visuals higher demand with better ranks.

Additional Tips

The next two tips might not appear straight up in most lists. However, they are awesome when you are looking for easy ranking.

Use Question Keywords

“Answer the Public” is a great tool to get question-based keywords.

However, there is a better tool – QuestionDB.

Unlike the previous option, this new platform doesn’t come with complex charts and images. Rather, its content is presented in simpler tables.

It focuses on the questions that are asked on Reddit, which means that you can find the keywords and topics that the other tools may miss.

Rank for the Brand Name Terms

Finally, you can rank for the brand name terms.

It might take you as a surprise that the brand will often get more searches than categories.

However using the brand name terms won’t give you a first spot.

But it will give you a better conversion rate.

Now Let’s Hear From You:

We have come to the end of our smart ways to boost SEO rankings in 2023.

What did you find to be so helpful?

Where are you looking at changing?

Do you want to bring in sitelinks or are you targeting the newest keywords?

Let us know by leaving a comment right below.

I will be waiting to add my view too.

No sweat at all!

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