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We have a team of experienced SMM & SMO experts that can support the growth of your social channels and also work towards generating brand awareness and traffic. SMO with a well organise strategy and clear goals can be a great way to keep advertising costs low and create a great ROI.

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Social media marketing includes activities like posting text and image updates, videos and and other content that drives audience engagement, as well as paid social media advertising. Before you begin creating social media marketing campaigns, consider your businesses goals. Starting a social media marketing campaign without a social strategy in mind is like wandering around a forest without a map.

  • What are you hoping to achieve through social media marketing?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Where would your target audience hang out and how would they use social media?
  • What message do you want to send to your audience with social media marketing?

Did You Know?

91% of social media users are accessing social channels via mobile devices. Facebook has more than 2 billion active users.

Our social media management services include

Original social media posts

We can support your online brand with content creation and assets to be able to showcase your product or service in a clear and on brand way. We have a team of experienced Graphic Designers that will be able to build up the look and feel of your brand to achieve your desired goal.

Custom images design

Online Marketing Help has a team of expert designers that can help create bespoke on brand custom images. If you want some eye-catching ad creative or templates for your social media marketing we can help you with a tailored package that suits your needs.

Cover & profile photo design

Cover and profile photos are generally the first thing your potential client will see which is why these are such important factors for your social profiles. We will help you create a clear and seamless design to make sure that your online accounts flow and link nicely.

Social account optimisation

SMO is exactly that, it is the optimisation of your social media through a number of different methods. It is the process of creating awareness about your product or service through using all of the various social channels such as Instagram, facebook, Twitter. We can talk you through the best package of Social account optimisation once we have reviewed what you have in place.

Social media account audit

You may not be new to Social Media and have an existing business account that might just need a little refresh. We can have a look at all of your existing social media accounts and best recommend you how to improve your account. Your social media may be one of the first representations of your business your potential client may see so it is important that this is consistent with the rest of your online accounts.

Brand reputation analysis

Customers will be talking about you to other potential customers on online forums and review groups. It is important that you keep on top of reviews (Good and Bad) and show your customers that you care. Our Social Media Managers will make sure they are looking for potential opportunities or problems online and deal with it in your tone of voice. We will of course pass on important reviews for you to manage and handle as well.

Boosted post ad management

Online Marketing Help can help you with ad account management so that you can feel the real power of social selling. We can set up targeted ads for your business for all manor of paid advertising.

In-depth competitor analysis

Before we undertake your social media marketing project we will do a deep analysis into your competitors to see how they are achieving results. Once we have an understanding we will work out a counter strategy to divert the success to your business.

Daily social media monitoring

Social Media Management can be hard work which is why there are people that do it for a living, as a full time job. "To Do" social media well you have to be coming up with regular engaging content as often as possible. If you don't your audience will get bored and may unfollow your page.

Monthly consultations

Our expert team at Online Marketing Help understands how important it is to know what you are paying for when you have instructed a company to work on your behalf.  With this in mind we make sure you get regular monthly updates on what we have achieved with a monthly consultation call. This isn’t to say you can’t get in touch before that but our experience shows that we will have collected enough data and information to be able to give you a good overview of what your account is doing and where your goal objectives are sitting and whether we are meeting them or surpassing them. Like everything the more time you give the process the more we will be able to optimise and build on the success.   

Transparent monthly reports

We don’t want to bore you with the bits that aren’t relevant so we will show you a tailor made report based on the goals you have set with your customer care account manager. If you want a better understanding on a certain part of the work you have instructed us on then you can just let your account manager know on your monthly consultation call. Our goal is to showcase the achievements and successes we have delivered for you month on month and to showcase the progress achieved.

social media management PACKAGES

Seed SMM

Minimum 3 Month
£ 199 Per Month (+VAT)
  • 10 Facebook posts per month
  • 8 Twitter posts per month
  • 1 Social Media Page Creation
  • 2 Social Media Page Optimisation
  • (Brand Creation not included)

Shoot SMM

Minimum 3 Month
£ 399 Per Month (+VAT)
  • 15 Facebook posts per month
  • 15 Twitter posts per month
  • 15 Instagram posts per month
  • 1 Social Media Page Creation
  • 2 Social Media Page Optimisation
  • (Brand Creation not included)

Sapling SMM

Minimum 6 Month
£ 599 Per Month (+VAT)
  • 21 Facebook posts per month
  • 21 Twitter posts per month
  • 10 Instagram posts per month
  • 6 Linkedin posts per month
  • 2 google posts per month
  • 4 pinterest posts per month
  • 1 Social Media Page Creation
  • 3 Social Media Page Optimisation
  • (Brand Creation not included)

Custom SMM

Minimum 6 Month
£ 850 Per Month (+VAT)
  • Fully customisable options
  • Pricing calculated dependent on bespoke requirements
  • Ultimate flexibility
  • Detailed competitor research
  • SEO services
  • Landing Page Development

Social Media Paid Marketing Packages

Social Media Paid Marketing Seed

7 days
£ 450 (+VAT)
  • Ad Campaign Set-Up
  • Set-Up of your Facebook or IG ads and Pixel
  • Create 2 targeted audiences + a 30 minute consultation call. Inclusive of 2 days management

Social Media Paid Marketing Sapling

28 days
£ 850 (+VAT)
  • Set-up and management
  • Create a campaign and bring leads through fb and instagram + a 30 minute consultation call.

Social Media Paid Marketing Tree

28 days
£ 1200 (+VAT)
  • End To End strategy
  • Standard and Funnel Set-up with landing page design and automated email follow-up series design

These packages include copy writing and content creation. The content we create will be inline with your existing brand if you 

don’t have a brand pallet we can help guide you with this. Our Social Media Marketing packages do not included as standard

 brand pallet creation so your account manager will discuss the packages available for this service should you need this. 

All designs for  social media creative come with 1 review. We may use the same content across different platforms 

but will make sure it is optimised accordingly. The above packages are on a minimum 3 month basis.

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Client Testimonials & Reviews

Google is always changing how they handle search engine results. Before I hired Digital Marketing to handle my business’s marketing efforts, I would roll my eyes every time I heard that Google was making yet another change. Now with Online Marketing Helps support I can put my feet up and relax

Karl Weller

United Kingdom

Digital Marketing has been working with me for a couple of years now. We’ve done it all, from PPC marketing to website development and SEO.
I have worked with them for a while now. Helped me understand the difference between good content and great content.

Kiera Taylor-Elton

United Kingdom

Really grateful for the support with our ads on google. I was starting to feel like I was going to get anywhere with getting new client. Everything just seemed really confusing and I was scared to just waste money. Glad I found these guys and they are now managing it for me.

Tania Smyths

United Kingdom

Sent me a range of logos to choose from, all with the colors I requested and with the minimalist style I was going for. There were even a couple of alternative ideas included as a bonus (which ended up being my favorites)! Highly recommend!

Jade Stanton Hauser

United States

Been looking around for assistance with my online marketing, it’s a bit of a minefield as we all know. Found these guys through a friends recommendation. The attention to detail on my project was a breath of fresh air as I was looking for that personal touch. Good listeners and certainly in my case delivering exactly what I wanted, onwards and upwards.

Gary Smart

United Kingdom

I have wanted to do my own SEO as I wanted to learn I cake across this company and was offered a free mini SEO audit after this I asked for more information. I paid for a full SEO website audit and have been tackling my website SEO. It’s given me some great direction and they have even given me some additional tips. Thank you


United Kingdom

Great to work with a company that aren’t so pushy on the sales front. Thanks for your help. Look forward to working with you again on the next project.

Ellis Johnson

United Kingdom

I needed to get my website ranking on google and found SEO a bit confusing. Found these guys via a recommendation and haven’t looked back. Been working with them for 4 months now. Thank you



I used online marketing help to help me with my logo and website and it’s the best decision I have made. Things I was really struggling with they made 10 times easier would highly recommend them.

Tom Kendle

United Kingdom

Online Marketing Help is a great company to work with. I got SEO done by them and it helped my business a lot by their service. Thanks…I would recommend OMH to anyone looking for SEO services.

Reetika Puranik


Online Marketing Help have been doing our google ads campaign and we have seen such a massive ROI compared to what we had previously seen with us doing it ourself. Thank you


United Kingdom

Really great company. They helped with all my website queries and were very efficient. I would highly recommend and will be using them again in the future.


United Kingdom

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We are a full 360 website development and online marketing agency. We have marketers who solely specialise in Social Media Marketing. We offer all related services within social media, from strategy writing to content creation and management. Please have a look at our Social Media Marketing Case Studies, you will be able to see the kind of work we do and have done in the past, we have off the shelf marketing support or we can design a customised offer for you.

It depends if you have opted for Pay Per Click Social Media Marketing support or if we are building up organic engagement and then what your goals are. You will almost instantly start seeing clicks and views from your campaign. In terms of conversions, like all things with advertising it takes time to see the best results. Typically most clients end up seeing a more steady stream of conversions during the 4-6 week period if we have built a paid advertising campaign, it can be considerably longer if we are doing this through engagement only posting on your pages. That being said we work out a strategy for you that best suits your budget and goals.

This really does depend on the package you have signed up for with your account manager. We will best advise you what is appropriate for your style business and your business goals.  When we post content to your Facebook page, it will be the same piece of content that will be sent to your other social media accounts.

Before we post anything we send it over for your approval and review. We do extensive research on your business and industry. Our content posts are made up of the following: Brand Message + Designed Graphic + Call-to-Action + Hashtags + External Links. If you have specific content that you need to be included we can make sure this is apart of the scheduled posts and your wider Social Media Strategy.

Yes, before we schedule your campaign we send the newly designed social posts for your approval once these have been scheduled we will confirm this as well.

Yes we will provide reporting showing you the progress every month. This will be a monthly analytics report. 

A monthly analytics report is a document detailing all of the information about numbers of followers, likes, comments, posts and other vital statistics regarding your social media, to track the progress that has been made. This information also suggests ways to move forward with paid ads from our specialists at Online Marketing Help. 

We can support you with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube. Let’s chat. Message us today to discuss your project!

We will send you a brief that you can fill out with all of your company information and brand vision. From there, we will make sure we understand how to respect your brand voice, creative and ultimately speak with your potential clients the way that you would. We will also research your industry before starting and you will be able to approve the content before it’s live.

Yes! We can definitely make you a custom proposal with additional posts if you are looking for a different Social Media Management to what we offer as standard. 

There is a little more to just posting everyday and hoping for the best. We provide a comprehensive social media strategy customised for your business. We’ll perform a social audit, research your industry, trending hashtags, top influencers, competitor analysis, content marketing concepts, content calendar and custom action plan.

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